Why am I running?

Since June 2012, I have served on the Trustee Programming Committee and helped develop the Library’s first event aimed at people in their 20’s and 30’s. In consultation with the rest of the Programming Committee I chose to focus my initial efforts on this demographic.  I believe it is important to continue to attract young adults to the Library and demonstrate to them that the Library serves not only as a repository for media but also functions as a community center. I secured donations from local businesses and worked with Chuck Flaherty, his librarians, Trustees and Friends of the Library to make this a successful event.

This year I chaired Brookline Reads 2014 which focused on William Landay’s Defending Jacob.  Movies, book groups, a wonderful panel discussion led by Hank Phillippi Ryan, and a visit from the author were all part of the event.  We collaborated with both the senior and the teen centers to host events to reach a diverse group of residents.

I was elected to be a Library Trustee in February by a joint convention of the selectmen and the Board.  As a Trustee I would continue to work to increase the relevance and vibrancy of the Library with efforts like these. My experience on the Programming Committee has underscored my belief that the Library is critical to the education and enrichment of ALL members of the Brookline Community. How it will continue to accomplish this mission in an increasingly digital world needs to be defined and I hope to bring my love of the library and technological expertise to that discussion. The Library needs to continue to embrace new technologies while bringing Brookline residents together to learn, exchange ideas, and increase our sense of community.

Have a question? Want to make a suggestion?

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